Land of Hope – Kids Computers

Informazioni sul Progetto

It is with great pleasure that we publish, through the words of Mrs. Gallmann the realization of the project to equip the school of computers for the little ones.

These children will go far …

The beneficiaries of our Land of Hope community project are kids, many of whom live in mud huts, and miss the basic facilities most take for granted; running water, electricity, regular meals, and clean stimulating surroundings.  Yet, they have spunk,  resilience, great humor, and- amazing- discipline.So it was a great day – and a dream come true- when  the  long promised computers ( yes, COMPUTERS!) were installed at Land of Hope.

Dances, and celebration and curiosity greeted the innovation – and the mothers came to inspect the magic machines, inquisitive and giggling.

This may be a drop in the ocean-  but oceans are made  of drops- and  for sure there is magic  and energy in the beginning of dreams, 

These kids will go far



Start the little ones with the computer

Risultati Attesi

Accustoming the little ones to the use of technology through play as well

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