SUMMER 2014 – Africa: the boys tell

I constantly repeat how lucky I am. However without this experience I would never have had the privilege of seeing a sincere and innocent smile, to understand that those who commit themselves to others are extraordinary people and above all that wealth is measured based on what you are not on what you have.

Thanks mom, thanks Agnese


In two lines I try to summarize this incredible and magnificent experience even if it would take hundred of thousands! These ten days in Africa were fantastic because I passed them with special people but above all I had unforgettable moments! I think a volunteer mission is something that all kids should try and I believe if that was possible, the world would change! I think I have changed responsibly and I also believe I now see life in Italy differently. I’ll try to pass this message to all my loved ones!
Asante sana!


To see the authentic smile on the face of people who, compare to us, have nothing, is one of the things that struck me most. To see on the faces of children the portrait of happiness, while playing with the new soccer ball is priceless.These are only two mini brackets of a fantastic experience, unforgettable and that ultimately changes your life.


I really do not know how to describe the multitude of emotions I experienced during this adventure. In two weeks I have known such different realities, from the tribes that inhabit the savannah to the slums of Nairobi, from the fruit and vegetable markets of Embu to the breathtaking scenery of the Rift Valley. My heart was filled with joy in playing with the children at the orphanage and seeing them happy; I was moved to see hundreds of people lined up waiting for a packet of biscuits; I got excited when I heard elephants trumpet and at the same time I was ashamed to think that they are killed for the ivory trade; I fell asleep with a herd of buffaloes outside the hut and I was breathless in the face of enchanted landscapes. More simply with my companions I have lived Africa, the real one!

Kenya, see you soon!


Hi friends or, rather, hello rafiki! You’ve all been really special and I want to thank you for always making me feel like a big family! Ours was a fantastic group and, even if so different from each other, we have always been united: this is fundamental because such a strong group can do great things. Our journey has not ended in Nairobi but will continue for ever looking at the world with new and more sensitive eyes that will not remain indifferent to the selfishness, injustice and arrogance of the strongest; making us live every day as a special gift, unfortunately reserved for a few; making us not to take anything for granted appreciate even the smallest things. It is not easy at all, but I am sure that each of us is a bit ‘changed’ and in his/her own way will help to change and make this world better. Asante sana, and MAISHA MAREFU to all.


“This trip really flew and if I could leave again today, to start all over again, I dreamed of this adventure all year round … The thought of leaving gave me the strength to overcome heavy days of study and the monotony of everyday life. Africa has always been a special place for me, but this trip was particularly unique, a real gift, made unique by our group, where I had the opportunity to reinforce some ties and the privilege of getting to know better some of us. But above all, this was a way in which I could regain the peace and serenity that I often miss at home. Thank you all, thank you very much. Thank you for making this experience one of the most beautiful and exciting memories I’ll keep in my heart for a lifetime.



A journey to a place of peace where colors, noises, smells and people transmit serenity creating an atmosphere of balance that I will miss every day more and more. I will always remember the fears experienced in dealing with situations so far from mine, the emotion experienced in seeing a happy person just because he eats a biscuit, the sweetness of an orphan child looking for a caress and the innocence of a running away elephant. Thanks Kenya for all the immense emotions you gave me, see you soon!


Luciano Zapponi

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