One pencil for one tree

Informazioni sul Progetto

The socio-educational and medical-health project named Land of Hope (LoH) which also includes education of the populations to participate in the preservation of the territory where the above mentioned structure is built.

The territory of Laikipia West where LoH is located, has been subject to heavy deforestation by local populations who need firewood for cooking.

The cutting of the trees has led to a drying up of the earth resulting in desertification of large areas. The land that has become arid does not lend itself to any kind of cultivation with heavy consequences for the settled populations that are essentially made up of farmers and shepherds. This, in combination with the drought due to the absence of seasonal rains, has led to the most dramatic famine in recent years.

The objectives of the project are:

  • financing for the purchase of seeds, small trees and equipment for planting.
  • payment of salaries to the personnel who carry out the project (Annex 1).
  • teaching children and their mothers to take care of the new forest so that future generations learn by participating the value of their land.
  • with a small salary, contribute to livelihood through the work of the community that gravitates around LoH


Sociale – educativo – ambientale

Risultati Attesi

Sensitize local population to environmental problems

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